E-commerce design

for Iris Burbonov

About the Project

Iris Burbonov is a creative floral company engaged in making beautiful and fashionable bouquets wrapped in kraft paper.

Founders of the Iris Burbonov Floral Company believe that one does not need any special reasons to give gifts, offering customers exquisite presents and the best wedding decoration. We redesigned the website of the online store, making it more pleasing to the eye. Here you can order not only a bridal bouquet but also balloons, soft toys, hat boxes, macaroons and unusual floral arrangements.

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I manage online and offline projects with small budgets and poor deadlines, so, I am all the time looking for new ways to launch projects quicker and cheaper. It needs hour-by-hour planning. Now I am launching a few of own projects per year, running the truly small team. How I manage this? I tell about in my blog. It is a pleasure for me make my articles are useful.

How to create a cool site?

Before calling, ordering or buying goods we look for information online. We visit dozens of websites. Picky, we comb through websites; super service, wonderful prices and free coffee will fail to attract us if we do not like the site.

How to create a cool website? Here are some tips:

1. Create for visual learners

The world is ruled by visual learners who think in visual images. The most important thing for them is not what they hear or feel, but what they see. They consume loads of designs and have an intuitive feeling of what is stylish and appropriate. They have highly developed visual memory, so images remain in their memory for a long time. Such people need websites with emotional images, correct colours and catchy sections.

2. Show that you are cool

Do not be shy. You love what you do and you are good at it. Present yourself as best as you can. Tell us how and with whom you create a product or service, why you are better at it than your rivals, why the goods or services you offer your customers are better. Fill your website with a generous amount of examples of goods or services, articles, pictures of the staff, your office or production plant.

3. Adapt

Mobile traffic is growing at a staggering rate. In 2018 it will be 79% of the Internet traffic. 80-90% of purchases from online shopping sites were made from mobile devices. That is why websites are adaptive. Battles are fought on small screens. And yes, one more fact: search engines rank websites not adapted for mobile devices lower. Oh, these giants...

4. Write inspired texts for your site

Imagine speaking with a client face to face. Avoid phrases like “rapidly growing company”, “quality service” and “unconditional professionalism”. Actions speak louder than words, so you are sure to describe the advantages of the product. Show production facilities, what you have achieved over the last months and what you are proud of. The same applies to the text on your website (understandable, without intricate and meaningless constructions).

5. Offer “goodies”

People love gifts. Offer them a cup of coffee, a souvenir with your logo, sweets, a discount or a free service: exceed their expectations. Specify the goodie they will be given upon ordering on your website.

6. Take action

Even if you are a perfectionist. Do not delay launching a new site just because you are not sure whether a shade of blue or a background picture is good enough. Launch it and start making money, introducing improvements as you go along.

7. Work with experts

You are good at your job, web designers are good at their. Let them create a website while you are establishing processes.

8. Do not fear change

Web design is as susceptible to trends as fashion. What used to be detailed now is flat and tomorrow will be interactive. Regard a website design as a temporary phenomenon, which you will have to constantly change.